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NCSBE 2020 Currently Active Voter Registration Analysis
David Hopp

The North Carolina State Board of Elections makes publicly available two detailed voter information files. One is the "ncvoter" files, that has a record for every North Carolina registered voter, the other is the "ncvhis" file, which has a record for every local and general election participated in by registered voters. This latter file has detailed information about the elections, but of course does not include who was voted for.

These files have been analyzed at length over the years by many people and organizations. My particular interest, however, is different from any of which I am aware. I will explore at some length the extent to which one-day registration drives result in persons who actually vote, with emphasis on young voters. The primary context will be the 2020 general election, so this will be a developing investigation.

In order to do this analysis, I will explore the ncvoter and ncvhis files at some length. I will evaluate the consistency and quality of this data, and share my findings with you. In order to share my work I will be putting draft versions of various reports here. Versions may be updated without notice. Check the header of each report to see the version date.

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Currently Active Voter Registration Overview

Putative Registration Drive Dates

Early Registration of High School Students

Exploring the 2020-10-24 Voter History Data

Exploring the 2020-04-18 Voter History Data As a Reference File


updated 30october2020