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Analysis of NCDPI Grades 3, 4 and 5 Disaggregated Data
David Hopp

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Position Statement on Equity
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Reliability of the Standardized Tests

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Chapel Hill-Carrboro Claim Test
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Chapel Hill-Carrboro AIG Students

Chapel Hill-Carrboro Grades 3, 4 and 5
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For over a decade the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, NCDPI, has made data available for our public traditional and charter schools. The data is of many different kinds, but my interest has primarily been in the detailed, FERPA-compliant "disaggregated data" files, which apply to grades 3 through 5.

The take-away from this analysis is that the elementary school standardized tests were never designed for use in comparing and rating schools, and indeed are of little value for those purposes.

Recently friends asked me to look specifically at the Chapel Hill-Carrboro schools. I present some fairly detailed descriptive analyses of elementary school race equity that raises questions about the effectiveness of CHCCS equity polices and practices.

In order to share my work I will be putting draft versions of various reports here. Versions may be updated without notice. Check the header of each report to see the version date.


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